Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Well its already coming to the middle of the year and here i am writing here..well, busy as a bee they say? thats bullshit i think, busy til one don't have time to have a poo-session is more like it.

anyways, just feel like updating this page, its mine and its been a while since i last wrote it. Felt guilty. Ja-na!

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Testing one testing two
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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Time after Time

I just feel that one after another negativity is after me, sleepless nights it gave me. Embracing it was tough but life goes on. Its tough, mentally i'm disturb most of the time. When is this going to end. I'm not saying that I want to be negativeless, its ridiculous to say such words since I'm still living on Earth. A handful of them is normal. This is enormous amount. I always believe that there is a balance to it. This I hold on to. For the greater good. Ahoogah!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting to it..

Ahh..finally getting to the thing I'm suppose to write about to "release"..

Heres the thing, this bloody thing has been playing inside my mind for the past few weeks, lets make it months. After all the hard work I put in, though I don't have enough time for it. I think I made progress in handling the pot that I'm cooking shits innit. kapish?

Well, it all boils down to this. We are enslave by the oldest business module ever made in mankind history. Prostitution.

Why would I say that, heres one good short and simple explanation. You pay a certain amount of money, you get a fuck! Cum or an hour which ever comes 1st! Yeah! Thats what you do when you go to a brothel. In some country, things get more innovative, they throw in massage session, bath sessions, oiling sessions, even singing sessions, or show sessions before a fuck! Lovely!

But rule of thumb is, you get paid, you get fucked! You pay to fuck! get it?

We are bind to this business module until this very day. The more you get paid, the more fucked you are. Look at even credit cards, they fucked up your lifetime savings! Thats how old and viral this business module is, though its old its fucken affective! even to this very day!

Even the hierarchy of providing such services comes organized. Daymn! You get to pick assorted packages which comes with various price tags, and when you sell your product line you try and gain maximum margin. Creating a demand for that product line, you make a big margin out of it! Yeah, thats why Hungarian chics now is like Da BOMB!

Sheesh, finally that methodology comes out of my head. I'm just tired being prostitutized (yeah I made that word up and I'm proud I did)

I seriously do not know what to do now, can you believe that? me not knowing what to do? I seen my limits and I want to improve, but how can you improve when you're in pitch black and people start to ambush you with sidearms to claymores?

Well, this is what I believe ( I still don't believe in guardian angels) to be patient and sucking it up to get paid by end of the month. Cause 2011 is near so do I to my passage to FREEDOM! Gosh I can't stop thinking about FREEDOM! I know i'm just 31 in 2011 and I'm suppose to be like working 1000 times harder then other prostitute, but hey, Thunder Strikes right? Let me be the Storm that roars! haha!


Guardian Angel

As I browse through my post I see this "Guardian Angel" posting on my blog, hmm...I wonder who..cause 1. I don't believe in Guardian Angel, cause their sub conscious of our Great Mind. And 2. If any of you disapprove me of being such a free thinker, think again. The only reason you still breath is you used your brains to do so. :)

aha...i'm back

well after having a good time shitting i'm back and its 1:21am...hmm..well i just feel like updating my blog...its like the feel of need of writing is back..just that this time its more intense...i need to "release" to "fill it up"


Well, Its been a while since I last WROTE in here! phew....heres my chance..! I've been waiting for this very day...oh wait..I need to pass motion before I write something awesome...brb..its 1:07am

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Wind

I've been so fucken busy with my life lately that at one point I don't have time to myself. Well, the fact that so many things happen though its only been a year means its a fucken good sign. But, to manage all those things in place is still a havoc in my head. Well, lucky I have the time to sit at home everytime I come back from home to organize the piles of shiet. And then came a spider. Truthfully, I would really like to get a steady girlfriend. After the things that happened to me today...fuck this shit..Its like wanting to fly a kite there is no wind. Dammit! I never think negative of this girl this time. But the she was like over thinking things and now this...fuck! I just don't want to be in this position anymore its enough. I don't want to be cornered to the wall and have to answer the questions on the wall which makes no sense and at the same time its a fucken wall! dammit! i need interaction! not wall! I had enough walls around me for four fucken years that broke me once. I'm not gonna be broken again. NEVER! Whatever I'm doing now is all not right, the best part, I get no answer and in return get a pile of shit just because I ask how are you doing? What da fuck is going on? Ish! If I pull the Kite and theres no wind, wait for the fucken wind to come then!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Though so much has happen I don't know why am I still in a jolly mood, as in really bad things had happen to me and my surroundings. Owh well, its only the 14th and yeah to me I still celebrate the month of June and refuse to be down anytime soon, to earn my freedom is agony, but with the right thoughts of how to get that freedom. I shall earn it in the end. And so, the wait continues.

Monday, December 28, 2009


guess what? i have a follower! wahahahhaha...this is awesome..though its just one, its a start..a new start for me to start back this writing thingy! :)